2009 Jeep Patriot

The Advantages of the 2009 Jeep Patriot

A careful review of the many comments on the 2009 Jeep Patriot led me to the following conclusions. Patriot will catch the attention of special Jeep fans because of off-road capability available. Loading a more suitable room is sure to meet the needs ofdaily/off-roadroad driver. Acceleration is listed as a con in many comments.
While the style of the great Patriot square make it no doubt this is all jeep, he didn’tovercome as a jeep. If you like Cherokee, you’ll love the new Jeep Patriot. With a standard number 2 174HP. 4 L Motor and a five-speed manual transmission, it was clear that the jeep was designed, in the spirit of all previous Jeep, to view service off-road as much as street racing. With the optional continuously variable transmission, CVT, often referred to as when applied to the front wheel sport trim model, it can be fed by 158hp 2. L Machine.
Options allow you to choose between front-wheel drive system or the optional four-wheel drive system. Four-wheel traction system optionally includes a function called “lockmode. Block mode used to improve traction vehicle in dangerous driving conditions. Read also 2017 Jeep Patriot
One of the optional packages that I found thrilling, and I’m sure you stir up plenty of off-road enthusiasts everywhere, the off-road group is a unit of Liberty. Off-roadmode that is provided in this package are involved in small scale in a continuously variable transaxle. Combined with a locking differential and hill descent control, which is enough to run your machine. In addition to all these packages get an extra inchof land access.
Patriot equipped with 1 9. security assessments, and some cool features of security.Let’s start with the front and rear air bags, then proceed to the electronic stability program. As impressive as that, you also have monitoring Tyre pressure and anti-blocking locks. Regulatory stability is programmed to detect when a vehicle pre-set handling limits have been exceeded. At this point, the system reduces engine power orapplies selected brakes to help the driver maintain control.
The Patriots are available outside the capability of the road is far superior to those of other comparable SUV class. The standard is also a unique feature in the form of inflatable bags to protect against head injury if the Patriots roll or wrapped in a lateralcollision.
The Interior has been a source of complaints about previous models, so it has been improved for 2009. Improvements in the dashboard, center console and add chrome trim is only part of the list. Illuminated Cup holders serve as functions, but they offer a sensation of elegance. Wireless link mobile phone combined with a 30 gig hard drive for storing digital music or picture CD disc player, and six with the satellite radio navigation system is combined with some of the features that you will find helpful in Your 2009 Jeep Patriot.A