3 Best Types of Light Jets Used in Business Travel

Light jets are the type of jet that are frequently used by people for business or personal use. Referred to in the industry as input level jet, jet light chosen for economic reasons and can travel up to 1 500 miles depending on the selected type of jet. The lightest Jet can travel in a range of 440 mph and may contain a limited amount of Baggage because of its small size. Some light jets have a bathroom on board, but not all. Better check with the supplier of the aircraft.

Light jets are an excellent choice for people who use the airport capacity can accommodate large commercial aircraft.

There are many different types of jets of light available on the market today private jets. Some of the popular models are:

Learjet 35 & Learjet 36
Learjet 35 and Learjet 36 are identical except for a few changes in the
The model 36. 36 model has a fuel tank of the aircraft, allowing it to travel 500 miles to more than 35 models. However, since the largest fuel tank, 36 model eliminates approximately 18 inches of space passengers.
Light jet is powered by twin turbojet engine and can hold about 6-8 of people comfortable. Bombardier Jet Corporation stopped production of this model in 1994, but still can be used in the aviation industry.

Hawker 400 (Beechjet 400)
This aircraft model can accommodate up to 7 passengers and 2 pilots accompany. Cruise speed is 476 mph with maximum speed of 518 mph. micro jet has a range of about 1 482 miles (2 744 km). Beechjet 400 was renamed Hawker 400 after Raytheon Company bought the production rights. In 2008, the company announced an upgrade model, including a new and more efficient engine, a new entertainment system and revision.

Citing Bravo (or Cessna Citation II)
Company Cessna private jet industry renowned. Bravo quote replaced the popular reference model II before operations ceased in 2006. Micro Jet has the capability of seating 7-8 persons and 430 mph cruise speed maximum. Bravo quote has a range of more than 1 500 miles and is ideal for mid-range business trip.

Light jets can be purchased whole or by fractional property program. However, most private plane hired by the specialized institutions.