Aircraft Maintenance

Revision of the plane is very important because the use of the life plan of each individual varies. Some airlines use only the boat is fairly new, while other airlines were forced, for the long term lease of reason, to operate the aircraft to a lot of teens. Aircraft services maintenance and revision sometimes serves as the center of the damage of the accident to repair damage caused by minor repairs major renovation.


Aircraft maintenance is important for the quality of service companies that concentrate on a specific aircraft or in various models, depending on the size of the company. As part of the maintenance and revision services aircraft, Parts are individually evaluated periodically to ensure that the ship in accordance with flight rules and regulations. Deterioration and age prevention program is important to the longevity of the aircraft and help prevent a dangerous situation.


Air health standards set forth by the terms of the Government. and certification required for the aircraft remain Insured and which is more important for the safety of passengers or cargo.
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Aircraft conversion is a change in routine use of aircraft for teens who can afford to start life passenger ship and then used as charge carriers. The airline’s passenger numbers often change their seats  or attract more people to services superior-class or create a greater capacity for flight seats to reduce the cost of passengers.
Annual maintenance costs of the aircraft vary from 10% to 20% of annual operating costs. In General, the maintenance service agents costs about $75 per hour.


In the current financial turmoil, cost performance battle verses motor often come tothe surface when the team work with operational aircraft. The team who is responsible for repairs, maintenanceor revision of the machine must meet the needs of the customer to customize the essential services. The difference between an airline chartered planes for three years or 15 years means that each operator of a different decision making about maximizing the lifetime and the use of the machine. Airlines might think more in the short term than the long term planning and cash flows play an important role in the performance of the decision. Cost and choice of materials are becoming more relevant. Aircraft maintenance company should bring a plane from their workshop for the optimal balance between cost and efficiency to the maintenance of the company itself. This will affect the planning and revision Service with aircraft maintenance.


Aircraft maintenance service which is efficient and professional that are necessary toensure the safety of passengers. Advanced technology and equipment needed to do a complex procedure. Profile basic maintenance set for all plans. This requires the aircraft presented periodically in accordance the principles formulated by the Government agencies and STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES.