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How to Choose Best Wedding Tuxedo

Men normally wear a tuxedo to weddings. It doesn’t matter if you’re the groom, a guest or the proud father of the groom. They’re usually rented, since a lot of people don’t really have much use for a tuxedo on an ongoing basis. Not to mention that they are rather expensive to shell out the money for an actual purchase of one. Of course, some people do buy one.


Tuxedos are available in a lot of price ranges and come in an array of styles to fit well with any sense of style and preference. If you’re planning on renting a tuxedo for your wedding, be sure to order it at least four or five months before your wedding date. The last thing you want is to wait until the last minute only to find that there isn’t one available or you don’t have time to have it fitted so you can look your best. Once it’s fitted and everything is on track, schedule to have it picked up at least a week before your wedding or when you plan on leaving to go to your wedding destination.


Keep your bride’s gown in mind when you’re selecting which tuxedo you want to use for the wedding. You don’t want to clash with the color or style, but you want your tuxedo to compliment it. A classic tuxedo is always a sophisticated choice that sports a one button notch lapel jacket. It is great for day or evening and will look good with just about anything in any setting. read also wedding suits for men


If you’re having a summer wedding, and particularly if you’re on a beach somewhere, the morning tuxedo may be an option you’d want to consider. This is the all-white tuxedo that you often see. It’s pure style but with a different touch. It features a morning jacket and a white collar shirt underneath a matching vest and cravat.


No matter what tuxedo you choose to go with, just be sure to choose it in time to allow several fittings and still be able to do a final pick up at least a week before your wedding. You don’t want to end up picking it up only to find it was tailored wrong and doesn’t fit right… and with no time left to have it fitted again properly.