Honda CBR250R

Review of 2011 Honda CBR250R

The bike has gone from need to desire. People like to collect something incredible and powerful. To this day, there is only a Kawasaki Ninja 250r can cater to motorcyclefans, but now with the Honda CBR250R, things will change.


Honda CBR250R is the first model version of Japan after its separation with the herogroup. The bicycle has there is real competition with every other bike and managed to create your own segments. CBR is a global model, baby is really made for beginners, who entered the motorcycle sport. Inspired by his older brother, VFR1200, seem confusing and grab attention.


Honda CBR250R is built on a new platform with a new chassis, brakes, engine, gearbox and electronics. One of the few bikes to come with anti-lock brakes as standard,CBR250R will change the way people regard the braking over the bike. Launched in two models, standard, and C-ABS, the bike is at a price of Rs. Basic variants and 1.51 1.68 lakhs for a variant of the above.


Start the bike and Zlatan muffler idle. The couple under the revolution either by cbrfeeling for easier in the city. On the road, the engine‘s own come and respond to the PGMFi gas input quickly. 100 kmph takes only 6.5 seconds and the new bike will arrive at a maximum speed of 170 kilometers per hour. Read also Honda CBR500R


The quality of plastic is not the best you could expect that piece divided by unicornsand Dazzler. The reason for the share of stocks is to reduce the price and good enough, because the performance is paramount for most motorists. a single cylinder engine, 25bhp 250cc, CBR250R quickly. Mileage from 30kmpl honored for machines in this class. Braking was by far the best and the new C-ABS system will make you fall in love with the brakes.


New Honda 250cc buyers meet all the needs, fast, it seems good and very well priced. With over 2000 Bookings, the company has achieved success with a new bid. We expect resale value a very nice offering will be preserved at the beginning. Honda bikes usually control the idle period is high and the CBR is no different. But that will not stop people from receiving the latest news from Japan stable.