Vans x Hermes, where to cop? (hint: you can’t)

Whats worse than coveting some bad-ass shoes that you can’t afford? Finding out you can’t buy them at all, ever. That’s the case with these incredible bespoke Vans, which were made by Vans for Robert Verdi out of his personal Hermes scarf collection. Hermes, a name synonymous with classic European luxury (founded in 1874, no big deal) and the American skate brand Vans (‘off the wall’ since 1966, literally no big deal) seems like an unlikely pairing. The result, however, is the coolest shoe of 2011.

Hermes silk scarves are works of art in and of themselves, regarded as the finest and most vibrant printed scarves in the world. Retailing around $400, vintage ones become priceless collectors pieces. The beauty in this ‘collab’ is that, no matter how amazing an Hermes scarf may look, and even if you can afford them, as a dude you have about a 1% chance of figuring out how to rock one….. Well Robert Verdi figured out that 1% out for you.

The only hope of getting a pair of these lies in the fate of Robert Verdi. Some sort of e-bay bankruptcy estate sale might be the only way of getting your hands on one of his 6 pairs.

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