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Some To Consider Before Choosing Summer Wedding Cakes

The cake is a wedding reception window. Every bride wants her cake to be beautiful, delicious and impressive. In the summer there are a few special considerations that will help you make sure your wedding cake as perfect as you dreamed it would be.Here are 5 tips for wedding cake Bride summer each should know.


One: Choose the enamel on the teeth with Sage. For an outside wedding, it’s wortha reasonable selection of ice. Fondant is the best choice for cakes on hot summer days, because butter and whipped cream will melt and ruin the appearance of your wedding cake. To enhance the flavor of the enamel melts, ask Your baker to apply a layer of butter frosting underneath. If you can’t see yourself with fondant wedding cakes, catering will keep your cake is cooled down to about 30 minutes before the cake cutting ceremony. It could be trapped in the decorated table for the great presentation, and the crust of ice that will be intact.


Two: Protect your cake from the hot sun and even fondant cake should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Always put the cake table sheltered tent. A lot of people didn’t think to protect Sun cakes for weddings, but the summer sun may come to shine in the large picture Windows. Ask your cake to shown from direct sunlight for any summer wedding, inside or outdoors.

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Three: think of the light. Rich chocolate cake has become very popular in recent years, but more mild flavor would be better for summer weddings. Sponge cake with lemon curd between layers is an obvious choice and delicious desserts for summer weddings. Another great taste is delicious lemon cake with coconut frosting. If not, Orange Angel food cake is light will be adorable. Light and airy cake could not resist the weight of various levels, so consider indicating a trio coordination Angel food cake. It will be really beautiful frost respectively in different pastel colors.


Four: seasonal Decorating. If you are a classic play that adore pink roses and Pearl Bridal jewelry, Decorate your wedding cake with fresh roses and border glass beads to compliment Your Bridal jewelry. Beach wedding, choose themes such as beach chairs Beach, shield, or the abstract design of the wave. Another good idea is to decorate your cake with fresh fruit of the season such as strawberries. Design a cake thatserves the summer will make a great addition to Your wedding reception.


Five: Consider Pie. This has been a fun emerging trends in the last few years. For weddings, informal country style fresh fruit cake became a popular alternative to a wedding cake. They are a great way to showcase the flavor of the best summer peach ripe, juicy strawberries and blueberries is delicious. Fruit cake also manages the heatbetter than many a cake smoother. Brides often choose to have all the tables that have different flavors of cake, not just select a range. If you like pie, but still want a traditional wedding cake, enjoy a hot trend in other Weddings: wedding Mini-torta goodness.