The Different Types of Skydiving Options for Beginers

A friend of mine has just completed a sponsored tandem parachute jump for charityand he spent on anything else since then and his love suddenly jumped from the aircraft that interested me, so I decided to look a little bit more about it. Here is a brief guide to the types of skydiving options open to beginners like me.


Tandem parachute jump


If you are a first time tandem skydiving, then diving can be better to facilitate it. Tandem dives for beginners who want to build their confidence, as you are connected to an instructor qualified tandem parachute descent that controls so you can simply enjoy the thrill of the race. These instructions are also relatively short, usually about half an hour, so if you want to get in the sky which plunges quickly and easily this could be the best choice for you.
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Indoor skydiving


Find the mind jumping head first from the aircraft at 14 000 feet a little scary? The Imperial Palace is the only way to get the feeling of diving into the sky without running to plan. Parachute indoor takes place at a vertical tunnel which will allow you to lift several feet off the ground and give the sensation of free fall to 120. There was a brief workout before the flight, but especially if you are not planting on the wall andif you get the most out of the experience. Indoor skydiving is suitable for beginnerswho want to build their confidence and can be appreciated by people of almost allages.


Static line drop


Static line parachute or rap (Ram Air parachute system) is the traditional way to learn how to fly a modern square parachute. The parachute will open automatically when you leave the plane and you have radio contact with the instructor on the ground to guide you through the process. The jump of this type requires that you have about 6 hours of training before the flight and there is usually a limit age for this type of jump.


Accelerated freefall


Accelerated freefall or AFF skydiving course is a fast track that takes you from beginner to category 8 qualified paratrooper. There will be a lot of training before the flight and You usually do swim with two instructors that will help you through Your heel. You will be taught to dive from a plane, steal your body in a position of stable, Open your own parachute and flew safely to the ground, and after you have finished the course, you will be qualified to jump in yourself.